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As part of our Turnkey Expert Solutions ElsMed offers a wide range of the most advanced technologies that the medical market has to offer, here are some examples:


Proton therapy or proton beam therapy is a medical procedure, a type of particle therapy that uses a beam of protons to irradiatediseased tissue, most often in the treatment of cancer. Proton therapy's chief advantage over other types of external beam radiotherapy is that as a charged particle the dose is deposited over a narrow range and there is minimal exit dose.

We understand that successful treatment does not just depend upon the successful application of proton beam physics. 
The everyday treatment experience is also important — for the patient and clinician. 
Our solution is designed to enhance the patient experience by fostering a soothing environment. 
ElsMed Healthcare Solutions collaborates with Varian Medical Systems


Radiotherapy, is therapy using ionizing radiation, generally as part ofcancer treatment to control or kill malignant cells. Radiation therapy may be curative in a number of types of cancer if they are localized to one area of the body. It may also be used as part of adjuvant therapy, to prevent tumor recurrence after surgery to remove a primary malignant tumor (for example, early stages of breast cancer). Radiation therapy is synergistic with chemotherapy, and has been used before, during, and after chemotherapy in susceptible cancers. 


Cyclotron beams can be used to bombard other atoms to produce short-lived positron-emitting isotopes suitable for PET imaging. More recently cyclotrons currently installed at hospitals for particle therapy have been retrofitted to enable them to produce technetium-99m.[25]Technetium-99m is a diagnostic isotope in short supply. Cyclotrons can be used in particle therapy to treat cancer. Ion beams from cyclotrons can be used, as in proton therapy, to penetrate the body and kill tumors by radiation damage, while minimizing damage to healthy tissue along their path.


ElsMed Healthcare Solutions offers comprehensive cyclotron packages, including installation and peripheral devices used to manufacture radiopharmaceuticals for nuclear medicine.

ElsMed Healthcare Solutions collaborates with IBA RadioPharma Solutions

“We share your belief that your community needs and deserves excellent healthcare.
We are committed to be your partner in establishing a superior medical facility.
We promise to do all that is possible to provide you with the finest healthcare solutions; the impossible will take us a bit longer”

Ronen Bechor, CEO

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