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Our services



Elsmed excels in delivering customized comprehensive solutions for various medical establishments.

As a comprehensive service provider, we cover the entire spectrum of services, including conceptualization, planning, design, construction, installation, maintenance, and technical support. 

Our adaptability allows us to tackle a wide range of healthcare requirements.

Whether it involves establishing a complete medical center or establishing a specialized clinic,

we can handle it.

We are capable of expanding and enhancing existing facilities, or solely providing cutting-edge medical equipment along with ongoing service support.


  • Concept & Consulting
    Services involve the development and refinement of innovative ideas and strategies to address specific healthcare challenges. Our experts will collaborate with healthcare professionals to analyze needs, identify goals, and provide guidance on the most effective approaches and solutions.
  • Planning & Design
    Meticulous process of creating blueprints and layouts for medical facilities. This includes determining the optimal allocation of spaces, ensuring efficient workflows, incorporating safety regulations, and integrating technology and equipment to enhance patient care and staff productivity.
  • Construction & Project Management
    Overseeing the physical implementation of medical facilities. This encompasses activities such as site preparation, managing contractors, coordinating timelines, ensuring compliance with building codes, and maintaining quality control throughout the construction process.
  • Equipment​ & Installation
    Sourcing, procuring, and installing the necessary medical equipment and technology. This includes selecting state-of-the-art devices, ensuring compatibility with the facility's infrastructure, conducting thorough installations, and performing rigorous testing to guarantee proper functioning and safety.
  • Commissioning Training & Maintenance
    Ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of medical facilities. This involves verifying that all systems and equipment are functioning optimally, providing comprehensive training to staff members on equipment usage and protocols, and implementing proactive maintenance programs to prevent disruptions and ensure continuous patient care.


At Elsmed, we believe in fostering long-term partnerships with our clients. Our service and maintenance contracts provide peace of mind, ensuring that the medical equipment is regularly serviced, calibrated, and updated to comply with industry standards and regulations.

Whether it's routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or equipment upgrades, Elsmed's prompt and reliable service ensures that healthcare providers can focus on delivering exceptional patient care without worrying about equipment reliability or downtime.

Our highly skilled technicians undergo rigorous training and possess

in-depth knowledge of various medical equipment brands and models. They employ advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to identify potential issues and implement preventive measures to keep the equipment operating at its peak performance.



With our expertise in refurbishment, we breathe new life into pre-owned medical equipment, extending their operational lifespan and

enhancing their performance.

Our meticulous refurbishment process involves thorough inspection, cleaning, repair, and calibration to ensure that the equipment meets the highest quality standards.


At Elsmed, we understand the importance of quality and

reliability in healthcare equipment.

Our refurbishment factory follows stringent protocols and adheres to industry regulations to guarantee that all refurbished equipment is safe, efficient, and fully functional.

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